What image types can I use for poster printing?
The best final files for quality prints are EPS, TIFF, PDF and JPG. We also accept application files with included fonts and linked images in PC format.
How large can my image file be?
We process images with file sizes up to 20 MB. If your images are larger, that is not a problem. Simply contact us to make arrangements. We can also receive your data on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. Or you can use an ftp service that we can download from.
What materials can I print on?
You can print on Aluminum, Foam Core, Corrugated Plastic, Vinyl Banners, Magnetic, Vinyl Decals, Sandwich Board, Polystyrene and Plywood. See our Sign Materials page for more information on each of these materials and more ideas for printed signage.
What resolution do you print at?
We print your signs and posters at a 600 dpi. You can achieve optimum quality for your image if it has 150 dpi at the selected format size (such as 36 x 24 inch).
What resolution must my image have?
The higher the resolution, the better the image quality. Generally, any image should be at least 300-500k for pleasing results. A 100 - 150dpi file at 100% of the printing size is recommended for good results. Please remember, however, that the quality of a poster is determined by the resolution, and we do not accept responsibility for complaints caused by insufficient resolution.